Rice Cooker Repair with 3D Printed Knob

The Problem

Our 30+ year-old Tatung rice cooker (大同電子鍋) has been missing a knob on the on-off switch like forever. Besides being unslightly, it’s a bit tough on your fingers whenever you press the lever. Tatung rice cookers are built like tanks and this one probably has a few good decades left in it. So, to restore its ease of use, I set about making a new knob using 3D printing!

First thing to do was to clean up the lever. This thing was grimy from years of use. Some kitchen degreaser cleaned everything up nicely.

Plan and Design 3D Print Solution

Next, got some rough measurements of the lever. My plan was to recreate the missing knob and just stick it on the end of the lever with some glue.

I designed a knob in Fusion 360, trying to mimic the shape of the knob based off what I’d seen in first trying out some parameters I figured would be about the right size.

Test Print and Re-iterate

It took about 30 minutes to print out the part. The size and feel, though, wasn’t what I wanted. So, back to the mouse and monitor.

After a few more test prints and design revisions, I refined the look and size to something that felt right. The final knob is the one on the right in the picture below.

Final Touches

After test fitting on the lever to confirm function and feel, I painted the knob with black nail polish to give it a smooth, shiny feel and look like the original knob.

After drying overnight, a little expoxy resin was used to secure the knob in place.

From start to finish, it took just a few hours of work. Now this rice cooker is good for another 30 years!

Download the 3D Files!

If you want to make this part, download the STL file here on Thingiverse!

Watch the Video!