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TV Remote Battery Cover

I finally couldn’t stand my mother-in-law’s solution to the broken battery cover on the TV remote so I 3D printed a new one.

Rubber band holding battery cover on TV remote

The retention clip on the battery cover for the TV remote broke off a while ago and I super glued it back twice. When I was away on a business trip, it broke off again and finally disappeared into the Void. So, for the past month or two, a rubber band, courtesy of my mother-in-law, was all that kept the cover from falling off.

TV remote and broken battery cover

The rubber band, however, kept getting in the way of pushing the buttons. So, yesterday, I decided to resolve the issue by 3D printing a new one. I measured the dimensions of the broken cover and designed a new piece in Fusion 360.

TV remote battery cover design in Fusion 360

Prototyping the TV remote battery cover via 3D printer

I’m still learning how to use the software, so it took me a few hours to finally get something close. My first few prototypes were a tad tight, so after some tweaking, I got it to fit on the fifth print.

The finished TV remote battery cover

The finished TV remote battery cover installed

A quick spray of black paint completed the job.