3D Printer!

Prusa Mk2 3D Printer

A few months ago I got a 3D printer. My brother, who researches the heck out of anything he buys, highly recommended the Prusa Mk2, so I put in an order for one too. Wanting a challenge of building one from the ground up, I got the kit version.

Prusa Mk2 3D Printer. Following the online instructions.

The online instructions, for the most part, were fairly easy to follow. My brother warned me about a few steps where he had trouble, but I was able to sail through the assembly without any major issues.

Prusa Mk2 3D Printer. Almost done!

Last year, I took a course in 3D printing and the class used delta styled printers. This Cartesian type printer takes up less space than a delta style printer, which is good given the small real estate of my work desk.

Prusa Mk2 3D Printer. Installing the power connections.

I spent a total of about three days working in the afternoons putting this thing together.

Prusa Mk2 3D Printer. Test printing!

The final product! This printer will be a tremendous asset in making projects. Sometimes, there are just thing that you can’t do makeshift style and have to manufacture on your own. I’ve already made a bunch of items with this and will follow up with posts detailing those projects!