Makeshift Light Cover Bracket

The broken light cover bracket

While cleaning a heavy ceiling light cover, I broke the bracket that held it in place. The part that broke was brazed in place and was frankly pretty flimsy to begin with so I couldn’t just glue it back together with epoxy or super glue. The local home and appliance store stocks only full light units and not individual fixtures like the part I needed. If I bought a new unit, not only would that set me back $50, I’d have part of an old light set to dispose of. So as not to create more junk for the environment and save a few bucks, I decided to make my own part.

The broken light cover bracket and its future replacement

After hunting around the appliance store a bit, I came across a metal bracket that looked like it could be fastened into a replacement part. The bracket is supposed to be used to join pieces of wood together, but I figured it could be bent into a shape to hold the light cover. The best part? It cost only $1!

Bending the replacement light cover bracket

Using two pair of pliers and a lot of muscle, I was able to bend the bracket roughly into the shape I needed.

Test fitting the new light cover bracket on the light cover

A quick test fit on the lift cover showed it fit very nicely.

Test fitting the new light cover bracket on the light base

I was afraid I’d have to make the screw hole bigger to fit on the light base, but a quick test show it fit perfectly.

Finished light cover bracket with paint

After spraying on some black paint, the bracket was done!

The finished light cover bracket holding the light cover in place

The bracket went in without a hitch and the light cover was back in place. It doesn’t really match the look and feel of the original bracket, but I saved bunch of money and there was no junking up the environment.