Plastic Toolbox Locking Tab Repair

The locking tabs on my plastic toolbox fell off recently. I was able to quickly fix it with just a plastic milk jug and some epoxy glue.

I first cut out a flat panel from the milk jug.

Next, from this piece I cut out the pieces that will be glued to the locking tabs and the toolbox case. I roughed up the surface by scratching it with a utility knife. This should allow the epoxy to stick to the surface better.

Before gluing anything, use some alcohol to clean the parts for better adhesion.

Next, I used epoxy glue to glue the tabs to the plastic pieces.

Here’s a locking tab glued to the plastic piece.

After the epoxy had cured, I the glued the plastic pieces to the case.

There you have it. Fixed locking tabs on your plastic toolbox!