Swim Goggle Nose Piece Fix

The nose bridge on my swim goggles broke and I didn’t have a replacement part for it. A search online didn’t bring up any offers selling them either. The eyepieces themselves are still perfectly good so it’d be a pity and wasteful to just toss them and get a new pair. This is a job for 3D printing!

Some quick measurements of the broken piece gave me rough dimensions needed for the new one.

After about 15 minutes on Fusion 360, I had a prototype design.

Since this is such a small piece, it took only 9 minutes to print out.

The first design came out a little stiff and the anchor inserts were a bit loose.

After tweaking the design, out came the second rendition, which worked perfectly! You can download the design and print files on Thingiverse here.

Now, off to swim!